Second Person

Second-person point of view brings the reader closer to the characters and into your story. You can use it to crawl inside the head of a character and explore their state of mind or draw the reader into the story and action—effectively treating them as a character. You can also use it as the means through which you narrate the story, or to reveal other features such as theme.

Melinda Brack is a writer, and author of the new collection of coming of age short stories Don’t Go Near the Water.

A Jill of all trades, Melinda has spent her life skipping from industry-to-industry and job-to-job. She lost count of the number of jobs she’d had at around sixty.   In 2020 she decided to revisit writing and started writing shorts stories about coming of age in the Australian bush during the 1970s.

Melinda has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Professional Writing from Deakin University.

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Get a fresh perspective and shake things up. Write in 2nd person.

What Is Second-Person Point of View?

Ginny Wiehardt breaks down what second-person point of view is, and the benefits and pitfall of using it to write fiction.

Second Person Point of View

Reedsy shows you how to move beyond using second-person narration to imply that the reader is the protagonist. It describes the different effects you can achieve by writing a story using the second-person point of view. What’s particularly interesting in this article is the video where Shaelin Bishop explains how you can use it to reveal a character’s state of mind and how it can highlight other features of your story.

How to Write in 2nd Person POV | Writing Tips

Shaelin Bishop delves deeper into second-person point of view in this video and examines the different types of the second person further.

How to write in 2nd person.

John Matthew Fox’s article is a comprehensive description of the second-person point of view. It guides you through you the rules for writing in the second person and common mistakes to avoid. He analyzes several stories that use the second person well and gives you exercises to develop your skill.

Short Stories in Second Person Free to Read

“It’s kinda like the weird, forgotten, estranged cousin that you know like is technically part of the family, the black sheep of the family, but I think second person deserves a little love.”

Shaelin Bishop

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