Yes, I know. Some of the answers look politically correct. I prefer to respect the point of view of the other people with whom I share the planet. If that’s too much for you to wrap your brain around, I can’t help you. Go away and don’t come back.

Melinda Brack is a writer, and author of the new collection of coming of age short stories Don’t Go Near the Water.

A Jill of all trades, Melinda has spent her life skipping from industry-to-industry and job-to-job. She lost count of the number of jobs she’d had at around sixty.   In 2020 she decided to revisit writing and started writing shorts stories about coming of age in the Australian bush during the 1970s.

Melinda has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Professional Writing from Deakin University.

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Are there any restrictions to topics I can present?


  • Writing outside your race or culture. Stories from the point of view of people outside your race or culture must be well-researched and reivewed by people of the race and culture you are writing about. You may also be required to submit your story for approval before you can read it with a document specifying who has revised it and their contact detials.
  • Gratuitous racism, sexual violence, torture scenes and swearing. If there is any racism, sexual violence, toture scences or swearing you must include a trigger warning when registering to read. You may also be required to submit your story for approval before you can read it.
Are the readings recorded?

Yes, the story readings are, but not the general conversation. If you don’t want your story recorded, you need to let us know when you register to read. We record the Readings because, with the authors express consent, we may feature their story on the blog.

Who owns the copyright on the recording?

The copyright alway belongs to the author of they story. They must give written, express consent to feature the recording of their story on the blog. No part of the recordings are ever published without the express consent of the person recorded.

Do you use cookies?

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What do you sell?


Do you get commissions from the sites you link to?


Do you aggregate information about the people who sign up or visit your site and sell it to third parties?


If you don’t sell anything, don’t take commissions, and don’t sell or aggregate user information, what’s in it for you?
  • I curate information I find useful on the Internet and put it here for my own convenience. Why not share what I find?
  • I like meeting like-minded people, and I couldn’t find any writers groups who just hung out together to shoot the breeze about writing and share their stories in an informal way. So I created one.
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“He who asks a question remains a fool for five minutes. He who does not ask remains a fool forever.”

Chinese Proverb

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Melinda Brack

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