A memoir is a narrative that takes the reader on a journey through specific life experience, and the events described in your story are considered factual. It focuses on the lessons you’ve learnt from an event or a series of events and shows how they’ve impacted who you are today. Readers connect with stories that are unique and universal.

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The Memoir Essay

Professor Cognard-Black shows you the difference between a memoir and a personal essay using examples from her students’ work. She gives you tips to help you recreate your memories and turn them into fascinating pieces of writing.

You can find this on Kanopy which you can acess through your local libary.

How to Write a Memoir: 7 Creative Ways to Tell a Powerful Story

Brooke Warner shows you how to weave a compelling story using seven common elements used in the best memoirs.

How to Write a Memoir: The Complete Guide to Getting Started

Bella Rose Pope presents a comprehensive breakdown of how to write a memoir to which people can relate. It’s full of tips from the experts, videos that show you the critical elements of memoirs, and checklist to help you get started and jog your memory.

How to Write a Memoir That People Care About

This NY Book Editor article shows you how to write a memoir that engages readers and shares a compelling truth about life. It tells you how to avoid defamation lawsuits and damaging close relationships.

21 Memoir Examples to Inspire Your Own Memoir

Reedsy outlines the elements that differentiate the types of memoirs and gives examples of each.

Short memoirs free to read

A memoir essay must evolve from the writer’s intimate recollections of the past brought together with thoughtful reflections on those memories.

Professor Cognard-Black

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