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Tenacity & Joy

When Mindy’s told she can’t ring the assembly bell at school because she’s a girl, she becomes determined to find a way. But can she get around the cruel and intimidating Mr Mackellby, and avoid being punished for it?


Camp Nano Project 2022

Bad Decisions & Human Weakness

Jace, a boy girls don’t see. With new friends, comes a new code.

Which type of man will Jace choose to be?

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Intolerance & Persecution

Navigating societies arbitrary rules around who gets to speak and when.

How it feels when people are intolerant of who you are.

Who Melinda is

Melinda Brack is a short story writer who writes about the shades of grey and contradictions of being human. She is currently writing the collection of coming of age short stories Don’t Go Near the Water.

A Jill of all trades, Melinda has spent her life skipping from industry-to-industry and job-to-job. She lost count of the number of jobs she’d had at around sixty.   In 2020 she decided to revisit writing and started writing shorts stories about coming of age in the Australian bush during the 1970s.

Melinda has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Professional Writing from Deakin University.

A collection of short stories about coming of age in the Australian bush during the 1970’s.

Don’t Go Near the Water

Coming 2023
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