The impossible task of choosing one favourite story.

Choosing one of anything is too limiting. My Collection.


Favourite Short Story

The Snake and Bad Tom by Olga Masters (When you click the link, it downloads as a PDF.) I love the way Masters shows how the children are indoctrinated into understanding who is the family scape goat and getting on board with the abuse.


Favourite Anthology

The Turning by Tim Winton. I love the way the overlapping stories in this collection gives such a vivid snapshot of a time and place.


Favourite Short Story Read Recenctly

Digital Diplomacy A 500 word story by Michael Sacco set across six centuries that’s laugh out loud funny.

Digital Diplomacy by Michael Sacco. Winner of the Australian Writers’ Centre Furious Fiction August 2020 Competition. I really enjoyed this story. Most people can relate to the intermittent, selfish relationship. I love the brevity of Michael’s writing and the way he lets the actions speak for themselves. I particularly like how Michael’s story plays with the concept of the short story occuring over a short period of time. Digital Diplomacy is a well executed story that’s laugh out loud funny.

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